About Doxafood

In the spirit ‘Bringing Vietnam Rice to the World’, Doxafood has always strived to provide our clients a wide range of products with affordable and competitive price, assured quality and optimal services.

Why Choose Us

100% Guarantee

We're commited to providing you the exact rice quality as the samples we send and promise to you.

ISO - FDA Certification

We're ISO and FDA certified, and therefore, we are confident to supply rice to even the most strict markets.

Reasonable Price

We assure our clients that our company has a very reasonable price, getting returned client is our first priority.

Dedicated Support

Whether you close the deal with us or not, but when you contact, we will always give you the support as our most valuable clients.

Experienced Team

With over 10 years experience in the rice industry, we are strived to be a dependable supplier for our clients.

Modern Technology

We continually update new and up-to-date equipments to ensure the productive production lines and qualified products to our clients.

Our Geographical Advantage

Doxafood is located at the key location of the paddy field region. It lies is at the heart of Mekong Delta Area and is adjacent to the vasty fields alongside Cambodian border. We enjoy the very liberal and stable raw paddy from those fields all year round. And with two sides adjacent to the river, our factory also benefits from inland waterway for trade and export activities. This gives us the most conveniece for rice improt and export in daily working activities.

Our Products

Apart from the products listed belove, we do supply many other rice variants. Please contact us to get more detailed information...

KDM Rice

Also known as Thailand Jasmine Rice, KDM is currently the most favorable rice of the US-UK markets.

Vietnam White Rice ST24

ST24 Rice is getting more interest worldwide thanks to the rewards Best Rice of The World 2019 of ST25.

Vietnam Jasmine White Rice

Jasmine Rice is widely recognised as one of the most famous long grain fragrant rice of Vietnam.

Vietnam DT8 White Rice

DT8 is a long grain fragrant rice that is always in top of Vietnam Rice Export year by year.

Vietnam White Rice IR5451

IR5451 is a long grain rice with slight fragrance, and is popular for exporting to Asia and Africa markets.

Vietnam White Rice IR50404

IR50404 is a long grain rice originated from Vietnam. Most of its export markets are in Asia and Africa.

Our Production Line

We own a system of 20 modern rice kilns with a capacity of 700-1,000 tons per day, and 15 silos for dried rice with a capacity of 120 tons per silo.

In the milling area, we equip the system of 10 milling machines with a capacity of 500-600 tons of dried rice per day. After going through...

The semi-finished product area consists a storage area of up to 7.000 tons and a color sorting system of 02 units capable of 14-20 tons of...

The semi-finished product area consists a storage area of up to 1,000 tons and a packaging and conveyor system for the shipment of finished rice, including...


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